Adrian Khalif Akbar Thamrin (born June 24, 1992), known professionally as Adrian Khalif,is an Indonesian hip hop recording artist, rapper, singer, and songwriter from Jakarta. At his teenage years, he moved with his family to New York, USA. Growing up in New York, Adrian became deeply involved in its hip hop scene, where he began to pursue his dream to be a star. Growing up and to this day, he listens to all kinds of music, especially R&B and Hip Hop. Moreover, he credits Kanye West for being the biggest influences to his music. After graduating from University of Indonesia, majoring in French Literature in 2016, Adrian signed a recording contract with E-Motion En- tertainment. His first single “Made in Jakarta”, released on 2017, features Dipha Barus, one of the best DJ and music producer in Indonesia. With his singles and upcoming album, Adrian will emerge as the hottest rapper-slash-singer in Indonesia.

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