Easy Tiger are Adi Saptadi (Vocal, Guitar, Synth), Erick Sebastian (Bass), Armand Azhar (Guitar), Aldy Abuthan (Drum, Percussion). In the early 2011, Adi Saptadi, Erick Sebastian, Armand Azhar and Aldy Abuthan form a pop rock band. There’s nothing much to tell here, because “Easy Tiger” was started as a side project or fun project, based on the same vision and goal. 

For the four of us, the world of music is not a new thing, and the band was not formed because of the music, also because of our friendship. And based on this friendship, we expect there are no significant obstacles in achieving our goal. Easy Tiger is quoted from a song title that you might have heard before. We illustrate the word "Easy" as a thing / something that is easily accepted and easily digested by anyone, while "Tiger" as something which is strong, fierce and independent. 

We hope that we can put these words into our finished songs and the on going ones. A “fierce” work with a strong image and character, yet easy to accept by everyone.

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