Starting with a simple chant of his favorite Disney movie when she was 3 years old, Raisa Andriana started it all through the song “A Whole New World”, which then opened the door of a new musical world for her future dreams. Upon listening to albums of her favorite singers like Brian McKnight, India Arie, Stevie Wonder, JoJo, Joss Stone, Alicia Keys and James Ingram, Raisa adapt the color, character and their unique and vary singing techniques for later merged with subtleness to be the color of his own voice. 

Raisa started her professional musical career through the hit single "Serba Salah", which was followed by the album debut titled “RAISA”. This debut album has a series of hits such as "Apalah (Arti Menunggu)", "Could It Be", "Terjebak Nostalgia", "Pergilah" and a remake of a song titled "Firasat" that became the soundtrack of the movie “Rectoverso”. Then in November 2013, Raisa released her second album, titled “Heart To Heart”, which includes hit singles such as "LDR", "Bye Bye" and "Pemeran Utama". Good response from the public towards the songs on the album “Heart to Heart” makes Raisa increasingly recognized. Raisa journey in music is keeps growing. 

In the year of 2014, Raisa had the opportunity to make a solo concert at The Star Theatre, Singapore, and this concert filled by fans who came from various places in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. In the early of 2015, Raisa released a new single titled "Jatuh Hati". This song delivered Raisa to hold a solo concert in Indonesia. Entitled “Raisa Pemeran Utama: Live In Concert 2015”, the concert was held in Istora Senayan, Jakarta, on 25 May 2015, and attended by more than 5,000 people. The second concert was held in Surabaya on November 2015, with around 3,000 audiences sang along with her. Raisa ended the year of 2015 by releasing a collaboration single with Afgan, titled “Percayalah”. 

 Raisa’s third album is entitled, “Handmade”, and was released on April 2016. Preceded by a pre order in iTunes from March 2016, the album also available in limited edition boxset. Thousands of boxset sold out within days by pre-order system, and the fans who ordered it, get their hands on 21 April 2016. The first single from this album, “Kali Kedua”, written by the prominent authors, Dewi “Dee” Lestari, was release publicly on 31 March 2016, and become the trending topic in Indonesia. In addition to that, Raisa also create a web series in her YouTube channel, which portrayed the journey to her new album with the new label, Juni Records. Within times, “Kali Kedua” became favorites among Indonesian music lovers. The music video for the song, which directed by Davy Linggar and starring Nicholas Saputra, gets millions of views within short time. This black and white music video also showcasing a more grown-up Raisa. 

As a follow up of that album, Raisa held an OPPO Raisa Handmade Tour 2016 in 5 cities around Java. This tour was filled up by thousands of music lovers, and it became the beautiful moment to end the year of 2016. With that “Handmade” album, Raisa won several awards nationally and internationally. In AMI Awards 2016, Raisa successfully won 7 awards in categories such as Best Pop Album, Best of The Best Album, and Best Pop Female Solo Artist. This achivement continued in Anugerah Planet Muzik 2016. In this Southeast Asia music awarding event, Raisa successfully won 2 awards, Best Duo/Group, and Best Artist (Female). 

Raisa also closed her year of 2016 by releasing an official music video for her latest single, “Tentang Cinta”. This music video were made using the “one take” technique, and shows Raisa in her never before seen form. The directors of this music video, Aji Yudistira and Isha Hening, put Raisa inside a giant 25 meter LED box. With its dynamic colors and special cinematography, this music video gets a warm welcome from the music lovers.

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