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PERFORMING ON: Satuday, 21 July at Another Stage - 18:20

The weekly meet ups led to endless chat about music, concerts and travels, which sure enough revolves around music, no surprises there. And it is no surprise that Didit, Abe, Ozie and Adit became Semenjana in 2014.

Semenjana became our second home. Vision and mission alignment binds us together in our process and it is that process that we cherish. Throughout it all, we unload everything we have, our strengths and also our weaknesses too, to be frank.

Not limited to genre, we believe music is a free play, as long as we all play an instrument and we all sing, adamantly. Without any concept, which became a concept of its own, that is Semenjana. Everything within and around Semenjana was done unplanned somehow, with numerous help from close friends. Feels like the universe is in our favour that leads us to craft 11 songs for Indonesia so far.

Currently, we are in the process of polishing our first album titled “Kalimatera” which stands for “Kalimantan and Sumatera”, Indonesia’s 2 largest islands. It can also stands for “Kalimat yang Berceritera or The Narrative Phrases”

Our three singles, “Bandara Terbesar di Tokyo”, “Tujuannya” and “Front Pembela Indonesia” is out now on various digital music platform; Spotify, Joox and iTunes.

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