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PERFORMING ON: Friday, 20 July at Another Stage - 18:20

After going through successful years with Elephant Kind since 2014, Bayu Adisapoetra embarked on a new, fresh journey by releasing a solo project called SoftAnimal. Equipped with his extensive experiences in music since early ages, as well as his career as a member of Elephant Kind, SoftAnimal is the most personal project he’s ever created, for Bayu himself created every detail of every music people can enjoy from SoftAnimal.

In April 2018, SoftAnimal released an EP titled ‘Nanook’, which consists of 5 tracks. The EP itself incorporates and packs the genres of Punk, Rock and Stoner Rock into one heavy, strong piece of music. The first single, ‘New Blood (Man of the North)’, was released on 15 March 2018.

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