Submit Your Music is a We The Fest pre-event created by Ismaya Live in collaboration with Demajors where we scout for the best new Indonesian acts together with UrbanGiGs and SAE to perform at We The Fest 2017. We have presented some of the best up and coming talents in the 1st edition of Submit Your Music (previously ‘Submit Your Band’) last year at We The Fest 2016.

Terms & Conditions:

  • All members of each act have to be citizens of the Republic of Indonesia (Warga Negara Indonesia).
  • Submitted songs must be original creation from the acts.
  • The transportation and accommodation costs of acts coming from outside of Jabodetabek that are qualified for the Showdown round will not be paid by the organizer.
  • If qualified for the next round. All acts must have a minimum of 5 original songs to be performed.
  • Submitted material has to be a final mixing product or mastering. Not a demo or live recording.
  • Any discrimination or RACIST elements towards an individual or group in any ways are prohibited in the submitted material.
  • Ismaya Live, Demajors and Gudang Garam along with its subsidiaries' employees are prohibited to participate.
  • The committee’s final decision is final and cannot be interrupted.