Naif is an Indonesian Rock band from Jakarta formed in 1995. It currently consists of David Bayu Danangjaya (vocals), Fajar Endra Taruna Mangkudisastro (guitar & backing vocals), Franki Indrasmoro Sumbodo (drums), and Mohammad Amil Hussein (bass & backing vocals). Naif produces music that sounds reminiscent of music from the 1960s and 1970s that made them known for their retro sound and style. Naif released a comic and children's album in 2008 as the animated band BonBinBen. This featured the band members as anthropomorphic animals, based on their nicknames for each other: David became a gorilla named Si Gori, Emil became a wolf named Si Gala, Jarwo became a pony named Si Kupon and Pepeng became a monkey named Si Dungde. The band described BonBinBen as a separate band than Naif. The debut album for BonBinBen, entitled "Di Rimba Hijau Kemilau" included eight songs. In 2009 Two of Naif's songs, "Mobil Balap" and "Posesif", were listed by Rolling Stones Indonesia in its 2009 list of the best Indonesian songs of all time, and at the same year Naif also covered several songs for the soundtrack of "Ruma Maida", including songs from the 1940s such as "Juwita Malam" by Ismail marzuki, "Di Bawah Sinar Bulan Purnama" by R. Maladi, and "Ibu Pertiwi". In 2017 Naif released their ninth studio album titled “7 Bidadari” an album that reminds us that Naif is still an unabashedly fun band to sing, dance and, jump too the album also included a collaboration with one of legendary Indonesian singer, Indra lesmana titled “Selama Ada Cinta” which serves as a reminder to enjoy every moment of our life.

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