Sheila on 7 is an alternative rock band from Yogyakarta. They have changed their lineup several times since their formation on 6 May 1996. Their first lineup consisted of Akhdiyat Duta Modjo (also known as Duta, Vocals), Saktia "Sakti" Ari Seno (guitar), Eross Candra (guitar), Adam Muhammad Subarkah (bass) and Anton Widiastanto (drums). Anton left in 2004 while Sakti left in 2006, leaving their current lineup as it is but with Brian Kresna Putro replacing Anton in the drums.

Their self-titled debut album Sheila on 7 was ranked #33 by Rolling Stone Indonesia on " The 150 Greatest Indonesian Albums of All Time". The magazine also listed the songs "Dan" (#29) and "Melompat Lebih Tinggi" (#147) on "The 150 Greatest Indonesian Songs of All Time".

Sheila on 7 is the first ever band in Indonesia with their first 3 albums sold more than 1 million copies in Indonesia only, with "Kisah Klasik Untuk Masa Depan" ranked #8 on the list of Indonesian all time best selling albums. "Kisah Klasik Untuk Masa Depan" charted at #1 on Hits Albums of the World on Billboard Malaysia.

On 26 January 2018, Sheila on 7 released their first single entitled "Film Favorit" under their own label named 507 Records. It is also their first time to involve music directors for working on their song. "Film Favorit" itself is a song created by guitarist Eross, which inspired the story of a close friend who has not managed to find a life partner and the song received the award for “Song of The Year” at the 2018 Indonesian Choice Award.

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