The Changcuters is an Indonesian rock and roll band formed in 2004 in Bandung. The Band consists of Tria (vocal), Qibil and Alda (guitar), Dipa (bass), and Erick (drums). They have released five albums, namely "Mencoba Sukses" (2006), "The Changcuters & Misteri Kalajengking Hitam", (2009), "Tugas Akhir" (2011), "Visualis" (2013), and "Binauralis" (2016). "Mencoba Sukses Kembali", a repackaged variant of "Mencoba Sukses" which was released in 2008, led to the group receiving the 2009 AMI Award for Best Newcomers. They have also played in The Tarix Jabrix trilogy. Their musical style is The Hives-and-The Rolling Stones-influenced and could be described as a mix of rock, funk, punk revival, indie pop, jazz and blues.

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