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Rayssa Dynta

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PERFORMING ON: Sunday, 22 July at Another Stage - 16:15

Rayssa Dynta is an electronic-pop singer-songwriter from Jakarta, Indonesia. She began playing music in her early years and started writing songs in 2007. Rayssa's curiosity towards music has exposed her to numerous musical genres and instruments, which she claims to be strongly inspiring. In 2014, she started performing as a musician and has been persistent in making her own sound ever since. The singer remarked that music is the most consistent element of hers. She sees music as her medium to preserve perspectives as well as to communicate emotions that she believes to be mutual between her and her audience. This can be seen on how each of her songs contains different stories and characters. Her released works include Drown Me (feat. Rayssa) by Arrio and Rationale (feat. Rayssa) by Artificial. Her latest release, the single Something About Us, reached acclaims from various medias and streaming platform. Finally found the sound that suits her, Rayssa is set to release her debut EP under Double Deer Records in 2018.

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